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For a customised reward platform everyone will love - choose the Onecode. The Onecode from Simply Thank You can be sent to your teams to reward them with thousands of gifts, e-codes and rewards.

If you’re offering rewards in multiple areas – this is the perfect solution.

It replaces so many different things. If you’re running an employee recognition programme, buying gifts for employees, sourcing employee rewards and treats for employee reward schemes, sending corporate e-gift cards or using corporate gift cards for employees or new business – the onecode is for you.

Use it for your customer acquisition campaigns and incentive marketing. Offer digital vouchers and gift cards to employees, as well as physical gifts and treats. Run switch incentives and promotions that really reward action.

There’s no need to rely on the old method of using a gift card for a retailer you’ve selected as an incentive. Give them total, unrivalled choice instead. They pick the gift, gift card, experience or treat they want with the onecode credit. They get quick next day delivery, or instant delivery on digital codes. We’ll brand each delivery to your unique guidelines.

It’s the product that works for every area of your business.


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